Giza was a concept in the works for over a decade and was devised by a group of athletic footwear designers and technicians with many more years of experience. The founders planned every aspect of the brand’s entry, position, growth and market strategies years before the collection was actually launched.  Giza was finally founded in New York City in 2017 by it’s current footwear Director Y. Cyrus-L.  The Running crosstraining program was designed in the fall of 2017 and a light collection was made available online in the fall of 2018.  This introductory soft launch included the Hero, Superhero, and Mythos.  A shoe named Ninja was developed next and in August of 2018 the Giza Olympius collection teamed up with FOOTACTION and DTLR for delivery in their stores in Spring of 2019. Our fitness collection will launch in 50 select Footaction stores in late February and 30 DTLR locations in March.

GIZA OLYMPIUS means energy and technology.  Our name “Giza” encompasses our brand.  We represent superior engineering, integrity and a legacy of design innovation.  The Latin word Olympius was added to the name Giza to invoke sports and pro-athlete use.

We are an athletic footwear revolution.  Our brand has a laser-like vision different from anything that’s currently in the market.  We are focused.  We’re focused on a market position that many brands are afraid to claim because it’s very difficult to attain.  That position is pure performance.  We’re focused on expanding our collection one shoe at a time, one system at a time, in a careful but constant pace.  We’re focused on packaging our products with a styling that’s outstanding but never outrageous.   We’re uncanny.  We know exactly what the industry needs, where it’s going and how to get there. We are the future.

We intend to create excitement in the sneaker industry.  We plan to captivate our customers with a series of deliveries and events, and then keep them excited about everything that happens after that.  We want to create a unique experience for the dedicated users of Giza products and systems.


Big Moments



Giza Olympius was born


The official Spring launch of the Brand at Footaction and DTLR.


First soft launch of the Fall collection.


Expanding The Giza Olympius Collection
Work hard, have fun

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