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Taylor Ricca

Staten Island figure Skater Taylor Ricca

Giza recently got the opportunity to meet and photograph talented young figure skater Taylor Ricca at the rink where she trains in New Jersey. Taylor is 17 year old junior at Tottenville High School, Classics Humanities Institute program and hails from Staten Island.

Taylor started skating at the age of 5. She is a member of the United States Figure Skating Association and the North Jersey Figure skating club. She began training at the Staten Island Skating Pavilion, coached by Ukrainian Ice Dance Champion, Yuriy Mikheyev and Danielle Sullivan Eakins, the Staten Island Skate School director. While training in Staten Island, Taylor began competing at the age of 7. Her very first competition was the Morris Open (Mennan Arena in New Jersey) where she placed 1st in her level. Under the direction of her coach, Yuriy Mikheveyev, Taylor became one of the youngest skaters of the United States Figure Skating Association to pass her Senior Moves in the Field test, earning Gold Medal status for Moves in the Field at the early age of 9.

At the age of 11, Taylor joined a new coaching team at the IceHouse in Hackensack, New Jersey where she continues to train to this day. Her coaching teams have included Galina Zmievskaya, Julia Lautowa, Nina Petrenko, Victor Petrenko and Anton Nimenko.

She trains 5 days a week, two-three hours each day, year round.
Her skating successes include passing 15 out of the 16 United States Figure Skating Association test levels and is currently a Junior Ladies Competitor. She has competed in numerous non- qualifying competitions in the tristate area as well as 5 United States Figure Skating Association qualifying North Atlantic Regional Competitions. In each of the North Atlantic Regional Competitions she has finished in the top 10 skaters.

Taylor has also been the recipient of the New Jersey Council of Figure Skating Clubs Grace Moore Scholarship and in July of 2018, the President’s Award from the North Jersey Figure Skating.

Giza loves the focused athlete, professional or amateur, young and just starting, professional operating at he top of their game, or retired. Athleticism is a lifestyle and an attitude. It’s an experience and the knowledge of a certain disciplined work ethic. Giza Olympius salutes Taylor Ricca for her personal excellence and achievements and will be watching to see her ability unfold.

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