Candy Elite Allstars

The Giza Olympius corporate identity is rooted in the community. To create and develop a strong connection at ground level, a commitment to bettering the future of children, teens and young adults is at our foundation. Finding ways to help identify new and innovative programs to help unlock students’ potential and broaden their scope of what is possible for them no matter their background, race, ableness or financial situation is instrumental in the guiding force for our core values.

This, among many other reasons is why we are proud sponsors of Candy Elite All Stars, a competitive cheerleading squad headquartered in Newark, NJ.

At Giza Olympius, we know that expanding the ability for young athletes to take advantage of opportunities critical to improving their self confidence, their lives as well as those around them, is vital. We believe that educating girls has a multiplier effect which spans locally, within the community, nationally and globally.

Class room learnings are essential to the success of our future however, mentoring and sponsoring play an integral part in their development as well. This is why, through footwear, we are encouraging and inspiring these young athletes and many more to believe in their “Super Power”.

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